Servicio de Reparación de Turbo

Blaylock Turbochargers has been remanning turbo components for many years. Now, we offer complete turbocharger units. We have a large inventory of turbochargers ready for shipping, or we will repair your turbocharger.

Our turbos are priced with or without cores. Each turbo is balanced to factory specifications. We can reman virtually any turbo which is used in the United States.

At Blaylock, we have developed precise procedures for the remanufacture of all turbocharger component parts.

Core Bank

In order to reduce your turnaround time and save you money, we offer core bank services. When you send your parts to us, we'll remanufacture them and store them for you until you need them. With this service you have a twofold benefit. You'll save time because your parts will be ready to ship when you call. We'll keep the cost down by "batching" your parts. And you will only get charged for the parts when you request them.

We reman each turbo component with exceptional quality and competitive pricing. Give us a call and find out for yourself!

Customer Benefits

  • Remanufactured parts cost 50% to 70% of new parts. Now you can reduce your cost of turbo parts and increase your profits.

  • New parts take up to several weeks to receive or are not available at all. Repair of component turbo parts takes a few days.

  • In case of an occasional "emergency", we'll cover you with 1 or 2-day repair service.
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